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Name:Abby Von Normal
Website:my tumblr
I am a co-mod at [community profile] angels_radio and [community profile] slashorific, feel free to contact for affiliates.

Interests (129):

10/rose, 9/rose, aidan/josh, american horror story, bates motel, batman, being human, boba fett, bruce campbell, burn notice, cap/ironman, captain america, captain america/iron man, castiel, castle, chris evans, chuck, clint barton, cockles, comic book men, comics, copper, dean winchester, dean/cas, dean/castiel, destiel, doctor who, doctor/jack, doctor/rose, drarry, edgar allan poe, eric/bill, esposito/ryan, eureka, evil dead series, ewan mcgregor, fanart, fanfiction, finch/reese, firefly, foo fighters, fun., gambit, grimm, h2g2, harding/weston, harry potter, harry potter fan fiction, harry/draco, harvey/mike, haven, hawkeye, hemlock grove, hhg2tg, house, house/wilson, irvine welsh, j2m, jack/everyone, jack/ianto, jared padalecki, jared padalecki's hair, jensen ackles, jensen ackles' eyes, jensen ackles' legs, jensen/misha, jesse/cassidy, john/sherlock, justified, kirk/mccoy, kurt vonnegut, lord of the rings, marvel, marvel comics, marvel movies, matt cohen, matt cohen's hair, merlin, merlin/arthur, misha collins, misha collins' hipbones, misha/jensen, mystique, natasha/pepper, nathan/duke, pearl jam, perception, person of interest, preacher, psych, quentin tarantino, raven darkholme, raylan/boyd, remus lupin, remy lebeau, robert downey jr, roman/peter, ryan/mike, sabriel, sam winchester, sam winchester/gabriel, sam/gabriel, serenity, sherlock, sirius/remus, slash fiction, southland, spn, spnfamily, star trek, star wars, steve rogers, steve rogers/tony stark, steve/tony, suits, supernatural, the avengers, the following, the walking dead, tony stark, tony/steve, torchwood, true blood, velvet goldmine, watson/holmes, wilfred, wolfstar, writing, x-men
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